Oil Spill Cleaning/ Provider of Oil Spill kits:

Keeping the environment clean is an important aspect of 21st century life. It is essential both individuals and business work towards reducing the threat posed to it. Manufacturing companies in particular must take care when transporting their produce. One way in which they can do this is by dealing with oil spills in an appropriate manner.

As well as the environment, the public and firm employees are at risk from oil spills. Health and safety regulation now states that all organizations transporting oil must practice spill containment. In short, manufacturers must take responsibility for any spills they produce, and clean them up safely and effectively.

CC Projects is your Spill Kit Champion!

We are proud suppliers and specialists of a wide range of spillage kits and spill products ranging from wheelie and truck spill kits to absorbents, mats and containment booms.

CC Projects also has a range of medical kits, safety and protective wear and specialised items such as steel deck spill decks to name a few.

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