Dry Ice(CO²) Blasting

CC Projects provides the following services:

  • Sole importer of Aquila-Triventek Ice blastings machines and pellitizers - http://www.triventek.com/
  • Provider of food grade high density dry ice – no matter how big or small the quantity/ 24h service

Dry Ice blasting services:

  • The cleanest of cleaning methods
  • Dry Ice blasting will clean electrical/mechanical parts without need for disassembling
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning with no hazardous solvents or wastes after or during cleaning
  • Cost effective cleaning for many general cleaning applications
  • Non abrasive, non conductive, non flammable cleaning method
  • Approved for the food industry
  • Will remove most production residues, biofilms, oils, contaminants and release agents

Dry Ice Blasting Demonstration

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