About us

Fritz Coetzer – Business Owner

Fritz Coetzer has been providing quality cleaning services to various institutions and businesses since his arrival in Port Elizabeth from Cape Town in 2008.

He first started his career as an IT Specialist at Sanlam. He was a founding member of Sanlam Health and served as a Senior IT Project manager for Medscheme when they bought Sanlam Health.

He lasted 22 years in IT before he had enough of the IT and corporate world and ventured out to do his own thing. He tried his hand in the property market in 2005 but decided to move on when the world wide economic crisis caused bottom fell out of the property market in 2007.

He got involved in a family business in 2008, cleaning high access windows with pure water using water fed extension poles. Then it was a bright new idea, alleviating the risk of fallen from high ladders whilst cleaning windows. As the idea caught on the competition grew stronger and he had to extend his portfolio.

Today his business offers window clean, rope access cleaning and maintenance, tend to oils spills and sells oil spill kits, sells ice blasting equipment, sells dry ice and does ice blasting for various companies on a contractual basis. As owner he is responsible for negotiating all contracts, ensuring quality customer service and managing all financial and administrative issues. He continues to provide excellent, value added services to local industry.

Operations Manager

His well developed experience and knowledge of the cleaning industry provides him with the ability to oversee multiple sites through the use of level 1 supervisors and level 2 lead hands. He continually stays abreast of industry changes and trends so as to provide our clients with the most up to date cleaning methods and chemical selection. He works closely with client representatives in a respectful and professional manner. 

Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of cleaning service and goodwill to our clients. Employing our knowledge, our skill, and the finest equipment available, we dedicate our efforts not only to the goals of customer service and customer satisfaction, but to extend the life cycle of the real property upon which we work.